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[01 Mar 2010|06:04pm]
Have you ever been sick of hoping for the best?
Working hard doesn't always get you somewhere.
My bones ach, but atleast the electric is payed.
Who ever said being an adult would be fun, though..
Those who were supposed to be there for me never are.

Love is just a word after all, till you press all those stupid feelings behind it. But they're bleeding me dry.

And my last wisdom tooth is rotting out of my face..
But before all that, I gotta pay the rest of the bills.

Well, here's hoping.
4 wish luck

Haha. [05 Mar 2009|12:50pm]
So I'm sitting here waiting for the flatbed to come pick up my car which has been unusable since Sunday.
Goddamn snow, black ice and Massachusetts weather. It's funny cause the only thing I hit was the car's right front tire. But, of course, my luck, I hit the right front tire so hard that it effed up my front end's alignment or something. I had to drive it home in horrifying weather while I couldn't keep the wheels straight. Oh boy, good golly. Contacting the professors of the classes I go to rarely is fun as well. What misfortune has fallen upon me to make me miss class -again- this week? Well, directly after a two month span of bronchitis, I crash my car on the way home from work.
Aside from that, I luckily have awesome work friends who will give me rides wherever I please mostly whenever I ask, (thanks Chris!) so it hasn't been a big problem. Still, I don't have the heart to ask for rides to class, as it is pretty costly on the miles.

They keep cutting my hours at work because of the new kid, but that's fine cause I bully him out of shifts (haha, not really, he just gives them to me). I am STILL waiting for them to train me as a waitress, but I'll settle for always getting the To-Go shifts (which is the only way a hostess at the 99 makes any effing tips cause they don't believe in tip share there). I've gotten good at making tips though, I usually leave with 20 bucks or more plus my hourly later that week shows up on the check. Of course, now that I'm 21, that 20 usually lasts about 20 minutes, or untill however long it takes Chris to get us somewhere after work.

Hans is hopefully going to get promoted soon. April, please hurry the hell up. He works more than me, but his hourly wage sucks, so I usually end up making more money. Once April hits though, and he gets full time and promoted, we'll finally be able to get into a new place! I can't wait, as the heating here SUCKS. I want heating that doesn't suck for when it's freezing out like this!
Oh, and for my birthday? He's getting backstage passes to see Atmosphere. How amazing is that? I literally can't wait.

That's it in a nutshell. Later later.
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Hmm. [26 Feb 2009|12:18pm]
I haven't updated this thing in forever.
My life is too weird to put onto livejournal anymore I guess.
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Radicals. [23 Nov 2008|10:49am]
Hans discovered this show called Whale Wars, it's pretty good. Of course, the people on it are extremely fucked up, but aside from that it's really interesting. I personally don't see a whale as being more important than a human though (but they do, and that is why the show is good).

I've gotten sick from my sisters, it's miserable and my throat is killing. I also have an 8 hour shift at work today where all I do is talk to people. I sound like I have laryngitis.

3 wish luck

An Update: For the last forever ago. [06 Nov 2008|11:21am]

I work in the 99 in west concord now, I like my job (:

I sprained my ankle on Halloween. No, I wasn't drinking, I'm just blind and fell off a foot high curb at the edge of a grassy hill (Who the hell puts a goddamn curb at the end of a grassy hill?). I went to work yesterday and it looked hilarious when I walked. They let me go home early and gave me today off to rest (: Yay.

I went to two weddings just last week. They were one day after another (the 24th and 25th). Both the brides looked gorgeous. The couples looked really happy, Hans and I just goo-ed and gah-ed at them, and then tried to dance to Sinatra

I finally saw Batman!

I finally switched my major to art (: However, because of horrible recurring kidney infections, then lovingly spraining an ankle, I haven't been able to make many of my classes. It sucks because I actually like my classes now ):

Hans will be 21 on Saturday. I got him the coolest pair of chucks that I custom made on the website (fuck yeah, go me, look at me comment on how cool I am for doing this) and I hope he loves them (: They also won't be here for like 2 weeks but whatever ): I'll show him them and he can have something to look forward to.

I cut all my hair off. It's the shortest it's ever been, it doesn't even touch my shoulders. Despite all that I really like it! It doesn't look too awful and it's really easy to take care of, plus I don't have to ever put my hair up for work (:

I re-stretched my ear and fucked it up because the package of tapers I bought was labeled incorrectly. One was a 4g taper, and the other went to something like 2. The pack was only marked 4g and they were both the same colour so I didn't notice the difference. Ended up kinda tearing it around the edges of the hole a bit. It's not awful, it looks like a scrape, so it's not even really a tear, more like a scrape... but I'm not taking any chances cause I hate scarred holes. Plus every time I've stretched in the past my ear has healed within a few months of leaving it out (to atleast a 12, which is pretty small). I haven't had any sea salt or cleaning fluid so I've been using peroxide. I know it's awful cause it dries it out and shit but eh, it was all gross so drying it out probably wasn't the worst idea (that and this house has nothing else to use as a disinfectant). Plus I run nice warm water on it after (: I put the right size taper in (the 4g) and now it is starting to feel better. That whole side of my face fucking hurts though.

I am going to buy myself a pair of custom chucks with my next paycheck of any substance. Exciting (: Ok bye!
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Subject? [07 Jun 2008|03:24pm]
I hardly have time to update this thing...

..so I won't.
Where the hell is my cellphone? I can't find the goddamn thing.
wish luck

Fact: [22 Mar 2008|01:52pm]
I'm way too cool to deal with bullshit.
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oh my, back at mcc. [23 Jan 2008|02:21am]
So school started back up today.
Tuesdays and Thursdays will be awesome as all I have is Intro to Acting (With Sarah, HI SARAH) and a bunch of nice people, then there's japanese 1.

Japanese 1 consists of 8 students, and when the teacher (Baba-Sensei is what we're supposed to call her, ha!) asked us all why we joined japanese, I was the only one who didn't mention anime in their reason haha.
It'll be an interesting class.

ASIDE from that. I need to get out more now, the weather is finally getting nice (:
I wish I could make campfires in my back yard, cause I so would.

Today (in a few hours haha) is English and Spanish 2. I already know I'll like spanish 2 cause it's with my spanish 1 teacher, and she is super nice. English I'm worried about, as I have a habit of getting asshole teachers, but hopefully that wont happen (:

3 wish luck

I'm sick of things.. [17 Dec 2007|01:12am]
I can't wait till finals are over this week.

Middlesex is a joke ): I had horrible attendance and still probably got the highest grades in some of my classes. Every time I take a test I never score below a 90..except botany. He has this thing where he'll give us notes on one subject, and then pull the test out of his ass. Quite confusing.

Of course this isn't to say I learned nothing. I mean, I could probably grow any assortment of garden because of botany class, as I know various growing techniques, plant growth inhibitors to look out for, and planting seasons. Also, I speak minimal Spanish now, although it's pretty much Italian of a different region... Algebraic!

Sociology depresses me sort of haha. Awesome professor, really good class, but the shit that goes on in our world isn't too pleasant. That and there's a girl in that class of whom I'd like to deck. "Well it doesn't effect me so I don't care omg~" Shut up. It does effect you, you're just a ditsy whore ): Sorry if that seems mean of me, but I can't help it, she bothers me.

Other than that, despite the curriculum being a joke, I can't say my experience was all bad. I met some awesome people, I made new friends, and actually ran into a bunch of kids from high school. Some of the classes were really fun, cause of the people.

All in all though, I want it to be over.
Break plox.
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And so she said.. [27 Oct 2007|04:24am]
Sick as hell, I still tried to go and help out at the haunted house the PAC of Middlesex was trying to throw.
It ended up being canceled, so we went to some Greek restaurant instead. The food and conversation was very good, the belly dancer was amazing, as well was the band.
I would love to have motivation to be able to do that. Belly dancing looks pretty. Her sparkely top and skirt distracted me the whole time. I gave her two dollars, I would have given her more if I could spare it, but unfortunately I couldn't.
It was weird being out with a group of almost strangers. But it was strangely very fun, talking to new people is cool. I guess outside my house isn't so scary anymore. Breaking out of depression is hard, and poor Nathan can't help me alone, so getting out is nice. I met two people other than a friend, Jacob, who work at Starbuck's. Starbuck's conversations are always fun. It was mostly amusing to listen to the drink combinations they made and drank daily. I told Ruby about how I asked for orange flavor in my white mocha, and it confused the person serving me. She told me that person must have been on training, because that is a simple order compared to most. She then listed off some crazy combination that sounded good, but it was long and for the life of me I can't remember it.
It's pretty late (or early) as of now. I wish I could sleep but my head is pounding like no other. People wanted me to go somewhere with them tomorrow, but I'm really not sure if I'll make it. If I have to skip it I'll invite them to come to breakfast Sunday or something.

In other news, I can bang out three to four page essays in less than half an hour if I care about the topic (:
That is good to know, I'll just start doing all my essays on shit that I am highly interested in.

All the leaves have fallen in my front yard, it is pretty on the ground, but I kind of miss them being on the trees.
wish luck

Parrots. [21 Oct 2007|08:58pm]
I hate my Eng 101 class because it is at 7:30 in the goddamn morning every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
I love my Spanish 1 class, because it is super easy and I get A's on everything. Italian is luckly very close to
Spanish, so this is more like a review.
Sociology is wonderful and the teacher is great. She is a very interesting woman from Turkey and she lets her 9 year old daughter drink wine sometimes. Sociology is great because she would let me argue a point for half the class and give me good grades for it.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have easy cake algebra because Middlesex's placement exam is retarded. After that I have Botany with granola teacher, he is very nice but it is boring so I don't pay attention to often which is bad ): I love plants but the chemistry shit is getting stupid and repetative. Plus I hate chem with a fiery passion. There are labs for it every Thursday which is awesome because the kids I work with are pretty pimp.
Botany is probably my worst class at the moment, the others I wouldn't say I do badly in at all.

I really want this semester to end so I can start taking more languages. I hope I don't have to continue math. I think I just dislike numbers in general. Next semester I will continue with Spanish, Italian, and add on Japanese. Hopefully I will learn those all to a fluency within the next few years, and then I can add on Arab and French. I think I am setting my goals a bit high but I don't care. I would love to learn German and Swedish too. My brother's wife-ish person told me that Arab was a wave of the future, so I plan to learn that right after the ones I want to learn the most. I will probably be like 50 before I stop learning languages ): I would rather just learn them all in one shot so I am not an old hag.

Fall is lovely. I really would love to go apple picking.
8 wish luck

My comp was in the shop for a month, and it's still prolly broken. [06 Oct 2007|12:09am]
Nice Shot.
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A very sad day indeed. [31 Aug 2007|10:55pm]
After not updating for a millenium, I update today with startlingly bad news.
Squirrels ate my tomatoes ): Damn squirrels. Oh well, I need to transplant the plant into the ground anyways, it is getting too big for its pot.

In other news school is very close (: I'm rather excited and have been hella busy for the last few weeks. With seeing off friends to school (We all saw superbad and had sushi, it was quite lovely) and getting my shit all ready for my own schooling adventure... Well, I haven't gotten a lot of (normal)sleep.

Otherwise things are relatively peaceful. Nathan's got a bank account and his mass license (yay (:) And I've started knitting a lot again <3

Other than that I'm still kind of pissed at the squirrels ): Oh well. Next year they shall not get my tomatoes ):
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Inside all the silence I've learned, to dance through my days unconcerned~ [14 Jul 2007|12:10am]
I've been sick as hell for a few days. Other than that I've been having a generally fun happy summer (:
I need to stick in more beach though.
Oh, and you should see my left ankle, it's all swollen for some unknown reason, it scares my mother (:
My adorable nephews are coming over tomorrow and I can't wait :D
Will update with pics of the cuties later kthx.
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(: [09 Jul 2007|10:49pm]
Life Is Amazing

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Dear sweet god. [26 Jun 2007|07:03am]

I can't take Michael Jackson this early in the morning.

Or ever..really.
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It's almost six thirty. [17 Jun 2007|06:24pm]
Last night was J-Rad's birthday party. That was interesting. I learned how to play games, and got to play with a kitten for a good portion of the night, fun times.

Father's day is always a tough one. I'm not too sure what my father likes all that much, so I usually
buy him a bathrobe or something. This year I just threw him a few packs of baseball cards, as he likes those, and I figured the bathrobe idea was worn out.

If only I were a tad more creative.

My grandfather is here. The room he has to stay in is hot and uncomfortable. Well, all the rooms are hot and uncomfortable..still, I wish he didn't have to stay in there. He's very weak and ill as it is. Seeing my father in a wreck isn't something I enjoy. As if the poor guy doesn't have enough shit with being disabled himself, having to deal with a dying father with no help from his brothers probably isn't a party. I tried my best to make grandpa comfortable, but I really don't know what to do or say, so I just mumble, laugh nervously, pour him a drink, and walk out adjusting fans as he falls back asleep.

If there's anything I learned from life, it's that people can't live forever. Unfortunatly, that really fucking sucks.
If you would excuse my french.

The flowers I planted are sprouting and the tomato plant just keeps growing.
I planted a tomato plant by the by. Cherry tomato.

Well, atleast the sun is shining.
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Miserable Thumb. [11 Jun 2007|12:18am]
Although yesterday was a miserable rainy day, Nathan and I finally celebrated our Anniversary.
Lunch at the Olive Garden, not a great table, but the people around us were funny (and stupid) so atleast there was some lunch time entertainment.
Then we headed out with Brittany to the bookstore, I didn't find anything interesting (Other than the orange mocha frappuchino [really good, honest.]) but I believe she bought a whole ton of books (or two or three, either way good goin' kiddo, as everyone should read more really).

After that it was pretty much late-ish, but I still didn't want to go home.
This means only one thing:
Time for the big K.

Nathan and I spent two (2) hours in there, just looking at everything. Kmart seriously has a lot of shit I never noticed before, some of it relatively interesting. I was contemplating buying an expensive juicer but alas, I didn't (Hopefully next time).
Instead the purchases were as follows:
*A 2 pack of oddly-shaped squirt guns (3$)
*Pumace Rock (2$..it's for your feet [I like girly spa items, so sue me.])
*Foot scrubbie..stuff (3$..to go with the rock thing)
*1 pack of Hollyhock seeds (2$)

I know what you're thinking, "Wow that's random shit..", or perhaps "Why the seeds?".
This brings me to what we did that night.
At 10pm, or 22:00, we decided "Hey, lets build a garden."
Armed with spoons, squirt guns, and hollyhock seeds, we set out into my back yard.
First we found an area that seemed perfect, corner of the fence, grabbed some of the wood left over from the rebuilding of the fence, and started digging a little plot.
Unfortunatly for all, we ran into what apparently used to be a chimmeny (What?). So, we had to cover it up and move it over.
Finally after that fiasco, my mother gave us better tools.
1-Hand Shovel
1-Large Shovel
1-Flash Light
After a bit of digging we settled the boards in, and then dug up some soil to till (Basically you dig it up and turn it over a few times to make it soft).
After the digging and setting of the boards we planted and watered.
The plants require shade, thus an old sheet was set to work. Armed with pointy sticks (make-shift stakes) and a hammer, we made a little tent for my flower-babies.
Work completed at 1am, or 01:00 (:

Today was a lovely day, thus after a late-wake up and some mucking around the house we headed to Hampton Beach.
Got lost a bit on the way there, (cause I really dont know how to get anywhere) but made it before the sun went down, an hour or so before it went down actually (: Time was spent walking around the shops and then finally with me running in and out of the water trying to grab sea shells. It was inturupped by the Ocean deciding it was pissed at me and exploding onto my pants that I had taken the time to roll up as to not get wet ):
Ocean - 1000
Rachel - 0
Despite the minor wetness setback (basically when I got over it) sea shells continued to be hunted. I even got a huge tote-bag for two bucks to stick them in (which will come in much use later as a beach bag!). So the day at the beach = success.

Now it is 00:33, or 12:33 am, and I am over-tired and sunny, yet strangely in a good mood.
If you read through all this you'll realize this is the longest post I've made in some time (:

Take that journal, you thought you were rid of me.
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Dear Diary: [30 May 2007|02:06am]
Mood, apathetic.

Actually not really but to anyone who gets that, that guy's voice makes me laugh out loud, and for real.
In Real Life.

I can't wait to actually go to the beach, but I don't want to go in the morning, perhaps leave midday and get there by early night, then leave after about 2, 3 hours (Or when it gets dark).
I fully believe that the best time at the beach is when there isn't a lot of sweaty people feeding seagulls.
Or late afternoon, that's a good time too.

So congrats class of 07'. How's it feel and all that? Weird huh?

Yeah..me too (:
Okay, bye!
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Wtf [31 Mar 2007|12:21am]

People in 1970 were stupid as all hell.

I've decided youtube makes posts a bit more interesting.
I can't wait for the summer, I love beaches :D
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